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How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

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How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

We have all heard the medical expert's advice that we all need to stay away from bars during Covid-19.  “There’s this nice little rhyme that an epidemiologist at Ohio State University coined — people, place, time, and space — to think about the four dimensions of risk of transmission, “Bars hit on the worst end of all of those.” There are a lot of experts saying many different things about what we should do to maintain social distancing. I am not picking sides here, we are all grown-ups and able to make our own decisions. In this article, we will point out some ways how to safely play darts during Covid-19.

If your local bars are open for business, be respectful to the bar owner, workers as well as other patrons and follow the Covid rules that the bar has in place. Be sure to bring your own darts instead of using the “bar darts”. The CDC discourages the sharing of items that are difficult to clean, sanitize, or disinfect. Even if you have no risk factors, how likely are you to infect friends or family you live with who are more vulnerable.  Don’t let your guard down and practice good hand hygiene.

How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19 at Home

Playing darts at home with your family can be a great way to spend quality time together, you can also play online against competitors via many different methods which we will discuss later in this article.

Setting up Your Dartboard at Home

  • How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19
    If you already have a dartboard set up at home, you are all set, please continue reading, you may see some ideas to improve your setup. There are plenty of rooms and areas of a house (or apartment) where you can put your dartboard and not have to worry about it interfering or becoming a safety concern.
    Garage – If you have a  garage, normally there is enough open space where you can place your dartboard and play freely. Usually, there are not many things you may damage with your darts – no expensive carpets, walls, sidings, panels, etc.
  • Bedroom – This may be a good place to place a dartboard and play without really interfering or bothering your family or roommates. The bedroom offers good levels of privacy. But you need to keep in mind that depending on who else you share your bedroom with, maybe the other person likes to go to bed early or takes an afternoon nap? If that is the case, this may pose some problems and limit your ability to play and practice darts. Also, many bedrooms may be too small for a proper dartboard setup.
  • Living Room – The living room is the place where people spend most of their time. The living room is the place where people will spend time relaxing, watching TV, or just unwinding after work. This means the living room may or may not be the ideal place to play darts as it may disturb other family members are interfere with their routine. With that being said, living rooms usually offer plenty of space to set up and play darts. The Basement
    Basement – is another area of the house that can be used for darts. It can easily be even turned into a man-cave or a game room where you can play other games too. Basements are usually a good place to play darts as you most likely will not have to worry about damaging the walls, floor, etc. However, basements may be poorly lit, which could pose some problems so be sure to provide adequate lighting such as a light ring that mounts to your dartboard.
  • Other Areas of the House/Apartment – This depends on the type of place you have, different areas might be used to hang a dartboard like the home office, the porch, the dining area, the kitchen, the lounge area, and more.
  • Avoid hallways if possible, hallways are areas that have a high-traffic. There will be an increased chance of accidents, so this area is generally not recommended. Avoid such areas of your home where people may not realize somebody is playing darts and walk between you and the dartboard.

How to Hang your DartBoard

Now that you have found the perfect spot to play darts and see how to safely play darts during Covid-19, how do we hang the dartboard, do you want to simply hang the dartboard on a wall?  Most dartboards include a mounting bracket when purchased, one piece is attached to the dartboard while the other piece is attached to the surface where your dartboard will hang. There are other types of mounting brackets such as the Dart World Alien Dartboard Mounting Bracket if you choose to use something other than what was included with your dartboard. For detailed instructions on proper height to mount your dartboard see our previous article: How to Set Up a Dartboard to the proper height.

Dart World Alien Dartboard Mounting Bracket
Dart World Alien Dartboard Mounting Bracket


  • Wood walls, you can screw in the mounting bracket directly to the wall
  • Concrete and stone walls, you will have to pre-drill holes and use masonry screws
  • On drywall, it is best to find where a wall stud to provide the necessary stability and strength

Protecting the Area around your Dartboard

If you use the method above to hang your dartboard directly to your wall, unless you are really good, you may find that after time the stray darts are causing damage to the wall around your dartboard. There are many types of dartboard wall protectors available to prevent wall damage.  Below are some examples.

Dartboard Backboard

Also know as a dart board backboard, dart wall protector, and dart backer among other names. These are available in many sizes, styles, and colors making them a great choice to go with any decor. These can even be personalized with your favorite sports team name, your mancave name, or your last name.

Golden Oak Dartboard Backboard Wall Protector

Dartboard Surround

A dartboard surround is a foam ring placed around the dartboard providing additional protection around it. Usually, there is no difficult mounting or installment needed. It just takes a couple of seconds to put it on. A stray dart will hit the foam, it will stick in the foam instead of harming your wall.

Viper Wall Protector


Dartboard Cabinet

Dartboard cabinets have their benefits, dart players have a neat way to store their darts, dart scoreboards, and erasers. Dart cabinets also give that bar vibe some are looking for.

dartboard cabinet

Include Young Family Members

If you have young family members, you certainly do not want to turn them loose with a set of steel tip darts. They could possibly hurt themselves or someone else creating unwanted medical expenses. They could also cause damage to your furniture, walls, or other items in your house. Here are some options to keep everyone involved. We do want to safely play darts during Covid-19

Magnetic Dartboards

Magnetic dartboards are made out of metal and use magnetic darts that stick to the dartboard. These won’t damage your walls or hurt your children, great for all ages and skill levels so the whole family can enjoy darts. Most magnetic dartboards are relatively easy to install, but some are quicker than others. Your standard roll-up fabric board can be hung by a string almost anywhere. All you have to do is put a nail in the wall, find a hook, or even a tree branch. Some magnetic dart boards require a special hook or bracketing to hold it up. While these are more stable methods of hanging your dart board, they also limit your options as to where you can hang it.

Magnetic Dartboard How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

Options for Playing Darts Online

Webcam Darts

This is a great option on how to safely play darts during Covid-19 because you more than likely already have the equipment to get started right away. There are groups like the Webcam Darts Association,  they are the original innovators of webcam darts with many years of experience in this field. The WDA offers you the complete webcam darts experience absolutely free. All you need is your dartboard, darts, and a webcam with a microphone. The WDA will provide the rest. Playing a real game of darts against anyone in the world has never been easier and more accessible than it is right now which is a great option during Covid-19. Their simple sign up process and huge community will have you playing a real game of darts against players from all around the world within minutes.

webcam dart association

Online Darts is a Great Option How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

This option is a little more expensive because it requires a special Online Dartboard such as the Target Darts Nexus Online Dartboard. This dartboard uses an online network featuring a built-in interactive touchscreen for an easy to use experience for you and your opponents. No need to prop up your camera or scoreboard app, Nexus does it all for you in one place.

You are able to see and hear your opponents using the live camera and microphone function which ensures fair play.  Play up to 4 people from anywhere around the world. With Nexus, you can play against anyone who has a board or play games with your friends and team locally.

The Nexus App available from Apple and Google enables easy stat tracking and game management. With the choice of over 10 games including Cricket, 301 & 501, you can play whatever game suits your format against a network of users from all around the world.

How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

Conclusion on How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

As you can see there are many options on how to safely play darts during Covid-19 out there so you can continue to play darts even though your preferred method may not be available during Covid-19. Some of the options can become a little expensive but just think of all the money you are saving by not spending money on beer, wine, or your drink of choice. And another great plus is you don't have to get in your car and drive home, we all know that we like to enjoy a good beer while playing darts.

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