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Kayaking Tips for Sit on Top Kayaks

Kayaking Tips for Sit on Top Kayaks

Kayaking Tips for Sit on Top Kayaks

A sit on top kayak is a variant of the traditional sit inside kayaks. Knowing a few Kayaking Tips for Sit on Top Kayaks, especially for novices, will help out with optimizing the ability of this type of kayak. The sit on top kayaking tips show the way to get back on a you kayak if you capsize and how to paddle your Sit on Top Kayak.

Forward Paddling – Your body is rotated to the side where the paddle goes. The blade should be positioned as far forward as you can reach together with the arm straight and the other arm bent. The blade is then dropped in the water and pulled backward. Then, both arms must return into the neutral position, and the exact same stroke is performed on the other side.

Reverse Paddling – Understanding how to paddle backward is an important kayaking tip. The body is rotated to the side where the paddle goes, the blade is then dropped in the water and pushed forward to start moving your boat. Then, both arms must be put back into its neutral position before doing the exact same stroke, but on the opposite side.

Sweep Stroke – The sweep stroke or what's also called the tack turn is the most effective way to turn your kayak into the direction you would like to go. It's a comparable to the forward stroke, you just continue paddling on the same side instead of alternating sides.

Get Back on Your Own Sit on Top KayakIf your kayak is upside down to start, your first order of business is to flip it upright. Getting back onto the kayak requires a combination of technique and some power. You'll position yourself alongside the kayak just in front of the seat. With a firm grip on the edge of the kayak, let your legs float to the surface behind you, and then give a powerful kick of the legs and push with your arms to haul your chest up and onto the kayak. Once there, keep your center of gravity low, as you twist around and settle back into the seat.

To make the whole re-entry process even easier, a friend can stabilize the kayak as you get back in. To stabilize a kayak for someone, you'll position your kayak parallel to the other, get a good grip on it, and lean your body onto the other kayak. As long as you maintain a good grip on the kayak, there's virtually no chance of flipping.


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