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2020 European Championship – Wright claims televised title hat-trick

Peter Wright 2020 European Championship



2020 European Championship – Wright claims televised title hat-trick

Peter Wright picked up his third televised title of the season on the 2020 European Championship courtesy of an 11-4 rout of James Wade within the remaining in Oberhausen.

Wright, who was topped World Champion and Masters Champion in January, continued his memorable marketing campaign by changing into the newest new title to carry the European Championship trophy.

The Scottish ace scooped the £120,000 high prize and returns to the second spot on the PDC Order of Advantage, leaping above Gerwyn Value, after claiming his fifth title of the yr as a whole.

Within the course of, he denied Jonny Clayton a primary televised title with an 11-Eight Semi-Remaining triumph earlier than ending Wade’s hopes of a second European Championship success in three years.

“I’m delighted to win, it’s nice for me and it was good to have the followers right here,” mentioned Wright.

“It’s the primary remaining I’ve received to within the occasion, I’ve had a pair and managed to win it.

“I struggled within the Semi-final, it was in all probability my hardest match and I couldn’t get going however I received away with it.

“James has gained this earlier than and is a high-quality participant, so to get the win I’m actually joyful. He can reel off legs so that you’ve received to attempt to hold him at bay, and by chance sufficient I did.”

Wright had withdrawn from the 2 European Tour occasions forward of the European Championship and added: “It was good to have slightly relaxation and recharge the batteries, I knew what I wanted to do to organize for this.

“Everybody’s completely different nevertheless it labored for me. I consider I may be extra constant and I will probably be taking part in rather a lot higher than that. I believe I can hit some massive averages.

“I really feel good with my darts and with the way in which I’m standing however I believe I can get higher.

“World primary isn’t a goal, to select up the Sid Waddell trophy once more is the primary goal and I believe I can do it.”

Wright averaged over 102 in his Semi-Remaining success, however, a good contest hinged on leg 18 when Clayton miscounted on a 111 end to a degree, and the Scot stepped in to take a vital 10-Eight lead earlier than closing out the win.

Snakebite then carried that momentum into the ultimate in opposition to Wade, opening with back-to-back 13-dart legs and taking a 4-1 benefit, solely to see the left-hander take out 121 to chop the hole to at least one leg.

Wade, although, missed a dart at tops to a degree in leg eight as Wright took a 5-Three lead, with a 13-darter extending his benefit earlier than the 2018 winner hit again in 14 to path 6-4.

Wright discovered one other gear to arrange doable nine-darters by opening the following two legs with 180s, taking out legs of 12 and 11 darts to surge into an 8-Four benefit, earlier than punishing two misses from Wade to maneuver 5 clear.

He then completed 143 to maneuver a leg away from victory as Wade once more missed two darts at a double, earlier than testing 125 to save the title in the model.

Wright averaged in extra of 102 in every of his 5 video games en path to the title, having defeated Gabriel Clemens, Value, and Steve West within the early rounds.

Wade had come from 3-1 and 8-6 down in his Semi-Remaining with Devon Petersen to prevail 11-10 because the pair shared six ton-plus checkouts in an exhilarating contest.

South Africa’s Petersen had gained by way of his first televised Semi-Remaining to proceed with his spectacular progress in 2020, whereas Clayton was denied a second look in a TV remaining by Wright.

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How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

dart bar

How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

We have all heard the medical expert's advice that we all need to stay away from bars during Covid-19.  “There’s this nice little rhyme that an epidemiologist at Ohio State University coined — people, place, time, and space — to think about the four dimensions of risk of transmission, “Bars hit on the worst end of all of those.” There are a lot of experts saying many different things about what we should do to maintain social distancing. I am not picking sides here, we are all grown-ups and able to make our own decisions. In this article, we will point out some ways how to safely play darts during Covid-19.

If your local bars are open for business, be respectful to the bar owner, workers as well as other patrons and follow the Covid rules that the bar has in place. Be sure to bring your own darts instead of using the “bar darts”. The CDC discourages the sharing of items that are difficult to clean, sanitize, or disinfect. Even if you have no risk factors, how likely are you to infect friends or family you live with who are more vulnerable.  Don’t let your guard down and practice good hand hygiene.

How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19 at Home

Playing darts at home with your family can be a great way to spend quality time together, you can also play online against competitors via many different methods which we will discuss later in this article.

Setting up Your Dartboard at Home

  • How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19
    If you already have a dartboard set up at home, you are all set, please continue reading, you may see some ideas to improve your setup. There are plenty of rooms and areas of a house (or apartment) where you can put your dartboard and not have to worry about it interfering or becoming a safety concern.
    Garage – If you have a  garage, normally there is enough open space where you can place your dartboard and play freely. Usually, there are not many things you may damage with your darts – no expensive carpets, walls, sidings, panels, etc.
  • Bedroom – This may be a good place to place a dartboard and play without really interfering or bothering your family or roommates. The bedroom offers good levels of privacy. But you need to keep in mind that depending on who else you share your bedroom with, maybe the other person likes to go to bed early or takes an afternoon nap? If that is the case, this may pose some problems and limit your ability to play and practice darts. Also, many bedrooms may be too small for a proper dartboard setup.
  • Living Room – The living room is the place where people spend most of their time. The living room is the place where people will spend time relaxing, watching TV, or just unwinding after work. This means the living room may or may not be the ideal place to play darts as it may disturb other family members are interfere with their routine. With that being said, living rooms usually offer plenty of space to set up and play darts. The Basement
    Basement – is another area of the house that can be used for darts. It can easily be even turned into a man-cave or a game room where you can play other games too. Basements are usually a good place to play darts as you most likely will not have to worry about damaging the walls, floor, etc. However, basements may be poorly lit, which could pose some problems so be sure to provide adequate lighting such as a light ring that mounts to your dartboard.
  • Other Areas of the House/Apartment – This depends on the type of place you have, different areas might be used to hang a dartboard like the home office, the porch, the dining area, the kitchen, the lounge area, and more.
  • Avoid hallways if possible, hallways are areas that have a high-traffic. There will be an increased chance of accidents, so this area is generally not recommended. Avoid such areas of your home where people may not realize somebody is playing darts and walk between you and the dartboard.

How to Hang your DartBoard

Now that you have found the perfect spot to play darts and see how to safely play darts during Covid-19, how do we hang the dartboard, do you want to simply hang the dartboard on a wall?  Most dartboards include a mounting bracket when purchased, one piece is attached to the dartboard while the other piece is attached to the surface where your dartboard will hang. There are other types of mounting brackets such as the Dart World Alien Dartboard Mounting Bracket if you choose to use something other than what was included with your dartboard. For detailed instructions on proper height to mount your dartboard see our previous article: How to Set Up a Dartboard to the proper height.

Dart World Alien Dartboard Mounting Bracket
Dart World Alien Dartboard Mounting Bracket


  • Wood walls, you can screw in the mounting bracket directly to the wall
  • Concrete and stone walls, you will have to pre-drill holes and use masonry screws
  • On drywall, it is best to find where a wall stud to provide the necessary stability and strength

Protecting the Area around your Dartboard

If you use the method above to hang your dartboard directly to your wall, unless you are really good, you may find that after time the stray darts are causing damage to the wall around your dartboard. There are many types of dartboard wall protectors available to prevent wall damage.  Below are some examples.

Dartboard Backboard

Also know as a dart board backboard, dart wall protector, and dart backer among other names. These are available in many sizes, styles, and colors making them a great choice to go with any decor. These can even be personalized with your favorite sports team name, your mancave name, or your last name.

Golden Oak Dartboard Backboard Wall Protector

Dartboard Surround

A dartboard surround is a foam ring placed around the dartboard providing additional protection around it. Usually, there is no difficult mounting or installment needed. It just takes a couple of seconds to put it on. A stray dart will hit the foam, it will stick in the foam instead of harming your wall.

Viper Wall Protector


Dartboard Cabinet

Dartboard cabinets have their benefits, dart players have a neat way to store their darts, dart scoreboards, and erasers. Dart cabinets also give that bar vibe some are looking for.

dartboard cabinet

Include Young Family Members

If you have young family members, you certainly do not want to turn them loose with a set of steel tip darts. They could possibly hurt themselves or someone else creating unwanted medical expenses. They could also cause damage to your furniture, walls, or other items in your house. Here are some options to keep everyone involved. We do want to safely play darts during Covid-19

Magnetic Dartboards

Magnetic dartboards are made out of metal and use magnetic darts that stick to the dartboard. These won’t damage your walls or hurt your children, great for all ages and skill levels so the whole family can enjoy darts. Most magnetic dartboards are relatively easy to install, but some are quicker than others. Your standard roll-up fabric board can be hung by a string almost anywhere. All you have to do is put a nail in the wall, find a hook, or even a tree branch. Some magnetic dart boards require a special hook or bracketing to hold it up. While these are more stable methods of hanging your dart board, they also limit your options as to where you can hang it.

Magnetic Dartboard How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

Options for Playing Darts Online

Webcam Darts

This is a great option on how to safely play darts during Covid-19 because you more than likely already have the equipment to get started right away. There are groups like the Webcam Darts Association,  they are the original innovators of webcam darts with many years of experience in this field. The WDA offers you the complete webcam darts experience absolutely free. All you need is your dartboard, darts, and a webcam with a microphone. The WDA will provide the rest. Playing a real game of darts against anyone in the world has never been easier and more accessible than it is right now which is a great option during Covid-19. Their simple sign up process and huge community will have you playing a real game of darts against players from all around the world within minutes.

webcam dart association

Online Darts is a Great Option How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

This option is a little more expensive because it requires a special Online Dartboard such as the Target Darts Nexus Online Dartboard. This dartboard uses an online network featuring a built-in interactive touchscreen for an easy to use experience for you and your opponents. No need to prop up your camera or scoreboard app, Nexus does it all for you in one place.

You are able to see and hear your opponents using the live camera and microphone function which ensures fair play.  Play up to 4 people from anywhere around the world. With Nexus, you can play against anyone who has a board or play games with your friends and team locally.

The Nexus App available from Apple and Google enables easy stat tracking and game management. With the choice of over 10 games including Cricket, 301 & 501, you can play whatever game suits your format against a network of users from all around the world.

How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

Conclusion on How to Safely Play Darts During Covid-19

As you can see there are many options on how to safely play darts during Covid-19 out there so you can continue to play darts even though your preferred method may not be available during Covid-19. Some of the options can become a little expensive but just think of all the money you are saving by not spending money on beer, wine, or your drink of choice. And another great plus is you don't have to get in your car and drive home, we all know that we like to enjoy a good beer while playing darts.

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Details of the Parts of a Dart

Harrows darts

Details of the Parts of a Dart


All the dart equipment you need to play darts is a dartboard, a set of 3 darts, a throw-line, and a scoreboard, a sheet of paper, or even an app to keep score. All other equipment is optional and it may enhance your game. Dedicated players that have established a consistent throw and have achieved a higher skill level, look for specialty stores that allow a customer to try the darts before purchase, this helps one find a set of darts that suits their particular playing style. We will explain below the Details of The Parts of a Dart.


Details of The Parts of a Dart

Darts are made up of four parts: a point, a barrel, a shaft, and a flight. The barrels are the main body that you grip and come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Flights and shafts can be replaced and the many sizes and shapes help customize the dart to an individual’s play style. A properly balanced dart will fly straight and track to the board with very little movement.

parts of a dart
Parts of a Dart

Dart Materials

Darts come in many different materials, weights, and grip texture. The most common type of metal is brass, nickel silver, and tungsten. Brass is reasonably-priced and is ideal for the recreational player and the occasional pub game. Nickel Silver has the same attributes as brass but will not tarnish. Tungsten is extremely dense and is popular because of its weight to size ratio resulting in a heavier weight in a smaller barrel. Comparing barrels, one made from brass and one from tungsten the identical weight, you will see that the tungsten barrel is 3X smaller than the brass barrel. These essential qualities make tungsten the choice for the more serious players.

Weight of Darts

Steel tip darts are measured by weighing the point and barrel minus the flight and shaft. Darts are available in a wide range of weights (from 18 – 40 grams). The most popular weighing 18–23 grams made of brass and 23–26 grams when made of tungsten.

Soft tip darts are measured by weighing the entire dart. The most common weights used to play soft tip darts are 16, 18, and 20 grams.

Shapes of Dart Barrels

There are many barrel shapes that can affect your grip.

front loaded dartspencil shaped darts

parts of a dartstubby darts

parts of a dart

Dart Barrel Grip Types

Darts come in a variety of grips and is another way that they can be customized to the individual. Knurling provides the most grip options, the texture is on the entire barrel and comes in many combinations of knurling and grooves. The various grip types allow the player comfortable finger placement.

dimplex grip knurling grip razor darts shark fin darts smooth barrel darts parts of a dart


Shafts come in many lengths and with various flight shapes added allow you to fine-tune your darts. Darts are affected by air resistance and the natural pull of gravity. In order to achieve the trajectory and flight pattern best suited for your throwing style, you should experiment with the various shaft lengths and flight shapes to suit you. By doing this, you are modifying the dart to match you rather than changing your throwing style to accommodate the dart. Normally, when your dart has an excessive wobble, it can be corrected by shortening the shaft length.

dart shafts

Although there are many shaft lengths, the most common lengths used are the medium, short, and extra short. These shaft lengths are the standards and are the lengths that can be found in most shops that carry dart supplies. There are other sizes available allowing a large selection to serious players.


The different shaped flights will have an effect on the aerodynamics of the trajectory. Flights help steer the dart to the dartboard. There are many shapes of dart flights and each will affect your trajectory differently. As a rule of thumb, the heavier darts need a broader surface area to provide enough lift so the dart tracks to the board. This will ensure it lands either horizontal to the floor or with a slight upward angle. The lighter dart requires less lift and drag. Therefore the steel tip player can put a large arc on the dart trajectory to the board and the dart will still stick in the board. A slight arc on the trajectory of a soft tip dart would bounce out. This is because the angle of the surface holes on the board requires the dart to be thrown on a flat trajectory.

flight shapes

Flights are made of different materials and there are various types, thicknesses, and colors. Most players enjoy different designs from the broad selections available.

When it comes to choosing the weight and style, there really isn't a wrong answer, it all depends on your play style. Normally a player will change darts many times, so don't spend a lot until you have a better idea as to which dart fits your style. Ultimately, it all comes down to what makes you feel most comfortable when you're at the line.

One of the best sites I have found for help on many dart related topics: – The Best Darts Resource On The Internet





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How To Sharpen Your Darts

How To Sharpen Your Darts

Neglected tips are probably behind more than a few bad streaks and disappointing performances. The bottom line is that you must sharpen the tips of your darts.

Keep a sharpener inside your dart case at all times so that you can take care and sharpen your dart tips whenever it becomes necessary.

Sharpening you darts is perhaps one of the easiest ways to score higher. If you feel that your darts are bouncing out too often, check the tips of your darts, and give them a quick sharpening. Adequately sharpened darts will make you a better player.

What Happens When You’ve Got Blunt Dart Tips?

Blunted tips will also bounce out when they hit the spider for a similar reason. The flattened end of a blunt dart will not glide past. It will hit with a dead stop and fall to the floor.

Blunted tips can also wear our your dartboard. When you throw a properly sharpened dart into the board, it moves between the sisal fibers and pushes them out of the way. When your dart is removed the fibers move back to their original position.

The flat end of a blunt dart will push the fibers in rather than spreading them out of the way.

This video is a time-saver that will help you to get better at darts. Watch this short video on How To Sharpen Your Darts.

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How Outdoor Sports & Recreation Affects You

How Outdoor Sports & Recreation Affects You

After undertaking outside sports, you can see how outdoor Sports & Recreation affects you. Health experts have emphasized that time spent for outdoor recreation can simply lead to a extensive range of blessings. These will consist of reinforced circle of relatives ties and decreased weight problems. Regardless of whether or not you just want a stroll along a nature path or perhaps a strenuous hike up a steep mountain course, undergo in thoughts that outside undertaking will provide the placing for intellectual and physical increase.

How Outdoor Sports & Recreation Affects You

Physical – You will revel in lots of physical fitness benefits in case you frequently have interaction in outdoors sport. These will include an arthritis ache, low blood stress, weight reduction, and reduced dangers for diverse illnesses like osteoporosis, cancers, and diabetes. If you get 75 minutes of vigorous workout like hiking or a hundred and fifty minutes of slight exercise like brisk walks and cycling every week, threat of continual ailment could be decreased and a wholesome weight can be maintained.
Intellectual – Engaging in leisure activities can boom confidence stages, enhance creativity and self-esteem. Nature can surely help calm and rejuvenate the thoughts. Also, it could increase wonderful impact and beautify outlook. On the opposite, those which can be artificially made can reason emotions of irritability, impulsivity, exhaustion, and inattentiveness. Spending time exterior also can help you awareness. Consider having a walk via herbal settings now.
Social – Outdoor exercise can likewise provide a danger in an effort to socialize, which is a totally crucial advantage. Birdwatching, as an example, is an hobby that consists of a lot of things to do. These include decoding auditory and visible enter, speaking to the alternative birdwatchers, and taking walks. It is also via going outside that you could meet new buddies or humans with similar hobbies as yours.
Emotional – It is actual that the outside settings and bodily sports can assist lessen melancholy, stress and anxiety. If you spend a number of a while exercise in the park, you can honestly have an increase in nice moods, together with a reduction in your cortisol degrees. Be conscious that cortisol is a hormone released by way of the body if it feels pressured out. Moreover, you get to have an improved get right of entry to to inexperienced spaces for numerous sports like taking walks and other activities that could lower your strain levels.

Now we understand How Outdoor Sports & Recreation Affects You

Engaging in one of a kind outdoor sports like sports activities will not simplest be fun. It also can help you enhance your universal health and well-being. So if you have time, move outdoor and take a stroll or perhaps be part of a sports group.